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Japanese @ Ellis Island

Royalty & Early Arrivals
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Royalty & Early Arrivals
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names A
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Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names E to H
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Historical Notes
Chinese Arrivals @ Ellis Island
East Indian Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Korean Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Siamese (Thai) Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Filipino Arrivals @ Angel Island




Prince Fushimi arrived 6/3/1910 via Lusitania born 1875; died 1946; Fleet Admiral in the Japanese Navy; a member of the Japanese imperial family; 2nd cousin of Prince Hirohito


arrived with his wife & staff:


Princess Fushimi born 1882; died 1939


Koto Hasiguchi lady-in waiting


Juncchi Kiyokama equerry


Murakami Heditaro secretary


Kabayashi Rinjiro



Count Kuni arrived 9/17/1909 via Carmania  “in transit to Japan”saloon or first class passenger


Arrived with:


Countess Kuni


Naochatchiro Kurita 47y male


Tacko Nagasaki 42y female


Kewzo Taketa 31ymale


Mikiko Kimura 25y female




Early Arrivals

(the Ellis Island  opened on 1/1/1892; 1st arrivals were recorded on 1/2/1892 then on 1/4/1892)


(Notes by M.E. Embry The following info is tentative and further research may uncover earlier arrivals)


K.J. Fujita arrived 1/6/1892 via Seguranca “mariner; visitor; location of compartment: forward”


Mr Chiyskiki arrived 1/19/1892 via Yucatan w/ Mrs Chiyskiki


Masame Hidaka, a physician arrived 1/27/1892 via Allen Yamaguchi arrived 2/7/1893 via Servia


Isurance  Yeto, arrived 2/7/1893 via Servia


S. Kato arrived 3/29/1893 via Teutonic 


Y. Kato arrived 3/29/1893 via Teutonic 


M. Oyshei, arrived 3/18/1893 via New York 


N. Aoki arrived 5/8/1893 via Umbria


N. Fonkuharo arrived 5/8/1893 via Umbria


Nuka Matoba, arrived 5/8/1893 via Umbria


M. Fushita arrived 5/13/1893 via New York  


Ken Kinooda, arrived 5/22/1893 via Chester  


Johin Yoshie, arrived 5/22/1893 via Etruria  


Chuzaburo Watanabe, Capn. “officer” arrived 5/29/1893 via La Bretagne  


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