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Japanese @ Ellis Island

Oral History Project of Ellis Island
Arrivals@ Ellis Island Names A-E
Arrivals @ Ellis Island Names F-H
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Royalty & Early Arrivals
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names A
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names B to D
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names E to H
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names I to K
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Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names R to S
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names T
Arrivals via 'Maru' (Japanese Cargo) Ship Names U to Z
"Maru" (Japanese Cargo) Ship Photos
Oral History Project of Ellis Island
Historical Notes
Chinese Arrivals @ Ellis Island
East Indian Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Korean Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Siamese (Thai) Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Filipino Arrivals @ Angel Island




                                            OUR PURPOSE:

                                WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR


The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, dedicated to our country’s immigrant heritage, is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.  The Oral History Program is dedicated to preserving a chapter in US history by preserving the history of Ellis Island through the stories of those who passed through.  Through its years of operation 1892-1954 it was the major gateway to America.


We are presently looking for people who passed through Ellis Island on their way to America and are able to talk about their memories and their lives in an interview.  Interviews cover memories of life in the old country, the journey to America, Ellis Island and life in America.  We also interview people who worked in Ellis Island, were detained or interned on Ellis Island and were in the US Coast Guard stationed @ Ellis Island.  Those reminiscences are recorded on audio tape and become a part of the Oral History Collection, available to museum visitors in our listening Room.  A CD of the interview is sent to each person interviewed.


At this time we are only interviewing people with first hand experience on Ellis Island-however brief or ill remembered.  If you or someone you know is willing and able to talk about his or her life and immigration experience, please contact:



For more information contact Dr. Janet Levine, Oral History Program, Statue of Liberty National Monument; e-mail: phone:212/363-3206x157

Please visit my other websites:

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