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The arrival in Ellis Island of people from the Philippines, Japan, China, India, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries remain largely unknown to us. Although, the U.S. immigration law  favor those who were coming from Europe during the period Ellis Island operated as an entry port for immigrants, however the records of ship manifests kept by the Ellis Island Foundation reveal that thousands of non Europeans went thru Ellis Island, some working in the very ships that brought the European immigrants to the United States.  Many came thru Ellis Island working as seafarers in domestic as well as international cargo ships. Some came as their country's government officials, members of the royal families, diplomatic delegations, business community, students or simply as travelers. (Source: Filipinos in Ellis Island by Maria Elizabeth Del Valle Embry, cover page article of Heritage Matters, a National Parks Service U.S. Department of Interior Newsletter Spring 2009) 


Since it is not possible to go thru the entire ship manifest, we are therefore limiting our task in mainly listing some of the  arrivals.


In bringing to light the previously unknown role of the Asians in the history of Ellis Island, we hope to inspire others to study further the ship manifest records and share with us the untold stories of Ellis Island.


Additionally, we call the attention of individuals who are able to enrich the history of Ellis Island by participating in the Oral History Project and in providing missing photos & information about the ships to the Ellis Island Foundation.



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