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Japanese @ Ellis Island

"Maru" (Japanese Cargo) Ship Photos

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The following photos are in addition to those posted @

Further research needed. Accuracy of the following photos undetermined. Sources are mostly written in Japanese language & translation to the English laguage was not obtained.

Aden Maru

Atagosan Maru
MOL Ships
Mitsui & Co., Ltd., 1,936 GT, launched in 1897

The first ship designed by Mitsui & Co., the Atagosan Maru was built in England. It came into service as the company expanded its service from coal transport, and played a key role in the trade of grain and pig iron from China to Japan

Brazil Maru
The Brazil Maru passes through the Panama Canal on March 26, 1940

Fuji Maru 

Fuji Maru.gif (35720 ­Ó¦ì¤¸²Õ)

Hikosan Maru
MOL Ships
Mitsui & Co., Ltd., 3,531 GT, purchased in 1898
Acquired from Britain to meet additional transport needs during the Sino-Japanese War, the Hikosan Maru was Japan's first bulk carrier, transporting coal from Australia.

Kagoshima Maru

Koan Maru

Koan Maru

Koki Maru

Koki Maru

Muroran Maru

Muroran Maru

The San Francisco Maru


    This passenger/cargo ship sunk upright, fully loaded with cargo & thus is often called 'The Million Dollar Wreck'. Deck cargo includes both trucks & battle tanks. Hold cargo includes mines, torpedoes, bombs, artillery, anti-tank, & small arms munitions, aircraft engines & parts & oil/gasoline drums. Many artifacts remain in the bridge area.


 Superstructure 150 ft. 45 m.
 Deck 165 ft. 50 m.
 Bottom 200-210/ft. 63 m.
 Length 385 ft. 116 m.
 Gross Tonnage: 5,831 tons

Sanuki Maru

Sanuki Maru

Seiyo Maru








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